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New and innovative Tiger Magnetic spearfishing knife from Picasso does not need any kind of holding system on the sheath.

Two powerful magnetcs hold the knife inside the sheath in an unprecedented way. The knife gets completely immobilised and never moves or rattles. Thus is created the fastest, safest and most silent knife ever.


But the Picasso Tiger Magnetic is not just a knife but a handy tool as well, with the following additional features;


  • Knife is slimeline dagger style.
  • Sharp edge/ rope cutter edge with line cutter inbuilt.
  • Shaped handle with finger stops to protect from slippage.
  • Spear diameter gauge in the handle.
  • Hole provided for attaching a lanyard or bungee safety loop.
  • Spear extractor built-in.
  • Durable heavy guage webbing sheath.
  • Can be used directly on the belt, the arm or on the leg, with the 2 supplied straps.

Picasso Tiger Magnetic



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