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Yamamoto Corporation’s rubber materials have a completely closed-cell foam (honeycomb structure), boasting very low density (light weight), high flexibility and excelent thermal insulation properties. Yamamoto Corporation can provide superior high-quality materials that meet the usage demands and enviroments, and at the desired thicknesses.

The Yamamoto neoprene is divided depending on the strenght and flexibility.

Yamamoto 39 is the most common material. This neoprene is used in surfing, triathlons, spear fishing and free dive.

All materials boast the following superior qualities:
Ultra-low resistance:

High heat retention
Light Weight
High durability

The PESCADOR SUB Wetsuits were manufactured with a goal in mind the comfort and wellness underwater hunter inside water.

With an anatomical cut it is possible for the underwater fisherman to make any movement under water with the same freedom as he does it out of water, when he does not have the wetsuit on.
In addition to cutting another fundamental point is the heat retention that the wetsuit confers allowing to be hours in water, with temperatures of 10-15 ° C and not even realize it.

It also has a camouflaged palette so you can select the one that suits you according to the type and the fishing zone you make.

PESCADOR SUB  values all the crucial points in developing products of excellence so that when you are enjoying your hobby think of nothing else except the fish that is in front of you ready to go with you home.

Pescador-Sub Fire Green Wetsuit



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