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  • Inverted mechanism with great levers dynamics that results in unaffected sensitivity even at large loads.
  • The largest and greatest load bearing of the Meandros mechanisms.
  • Two horizontal support points.
  • Large lever ratio.
  • Heavy duty 8mm spear engaging peg.
  • Designed for easy mounting with vertical and horizontal support points.
  • High quality robust construction with low labor profile, increased strength with excellent usability and functionality.
  • Side ambidextrous automatic, mechanical, internal line release at the back part of the mechanism which prevents incorrect installation but also maintains the body profile and the strength of the handle.
  • Works with European & American type spears of 6-10mm diameter.
  • The ability of crimping the cord at the tail of the spear permits spears of 6-8mm diameter.
  • Includes shaft pins and mounting screws for secure placement within the body of the gun.
  • The mechanism is legally safeguarded.

Meandros Trigger Mechanism - CL



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