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Fins specific for deep fishing, featuring an hydrodynamic anti-turbulence flap. They feature blades in three different hardnesses: 25 (soft), 30 (medium) and 35 (medium-hard). The surface finish of the blades is carbon fiber with a military green decoration. The blades are paired with shoes with a black upper and a military green shoe sole. The water rails are military green.


The fins 200 feature new and specific 100% carbon fiber blades.


These blades are specially designed and manufactured with a new progressive lamination of the carbon fiber layers, which is a strict technical requirement for these fins.

The lamination combines 4 different types of Japanese carbon fiber, specific for each layer, to optimise the reactivity and resistance of the blades.


The combined use of HT15 carbon externally (exclusive to C4), of intermediate areas with 7 layers of high-strength fabric and a calibrated combination of several unidirectional layers, produces a unique reactivity and an exceptional resistance to stress.


The resistance of these blades has been tested on our robot, specially designed and built by our technicians (link video piscina), with over 1.6 million complete cycles and a load three times the one produced by human strength.


The specific stratification of the 200 has allowed us to create extremely resistant blades that allow the spear fishermen who start fishing from shore and who often walk wearing their fins, to be able to do it without any fear of breaking them.


The water rails of the 200 fins are not glued but overmolded on the blades with a specific moulding process that fuses the plastic material with the composite. This innovative production process, which has never been attempted before on composite materials, was conceived by C4 technicians.

The plastic polymer used to manufacture the water rails, maintains elasticity four times more over time than normal NBR, the material which is commonly used tom produce the glued water rails. The overmoulding process is an industrial process, perfectly replicated, which avoids any separation that can occur on glued water rails.


The over moulding process has allowed us to create a progressive design of the water rails. The first portion close to the foot features a design ideal for protecting the blade without overloading it with water and without limiting its elasticity. Progressively, the height of the water rails increases becoming an effective guide for the fluid threads, thus preventing load drops and unwanted skidding.


Blade Dimension:940 x 192 mm
Fin size 42/431060 x 192 mm
Blade Material:Carbonio HT15 – Carbon look
Blade hardness:25 Soft, 30 Medium, 35 Medium/Hard
Water Rails Color:Black / Green
Water RailsProgressive geometry. Overmoulded on the blades.
Sole colors:Green
European sizes:36/37, 38/39, 40/41, 41/42, 42/43, 43/44, 44/45
Us/Canada sizes:10.5/11.5, 4/5, 5.5/6, 7.5/8.5, 8.5/9, 9.5/10.5, 9/9.5
Upper Material:Thermoplastic material
Upper HardnessMEDIUM 74 ShA: 41/42 – 42/43 – 43/44 – 44/45, SOFT 65 ShA: 36/37 – 38/39 – 40/41
Sole Material:Made in PP
Sole Hardness:Flexural Modulus 1250MPa
Biomechanics and Hardness3 positions: SOFT, MEDIUM and HARD
Footpocket Preformed Angle:
Compatible with:Only with the 200 line blades: L-1090 Apnea, L-1090 Betta, L-1090 Pesca, S-990 , S-990 Camu.

C4 L-1090 Pesca



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