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VERTICAL is a modular reel for spearguns. It features a special bracket for assembly on the speargun in the classic position or, without the use of the bracket, it can also be assembled directly on the trigger guard. 

The frame and the lever for winding the line are made of AISI 316L stainless steel. These components undergo an additional machining by chamfering the edges, thus eliminating the possible frictions that would damage the line.

The reel is made by solid machining of a bar made in floating plastic material. This material partially compensates the weight of the metal parts. The high flexibility of the plastic material and the manufacturing of this part by solid machining makes the reel extremely resistant.

The clutch knob, made by solid machining, features an ergonomic design and it is very small in size.

The clutch has been designed not to completely block the reel, increasing its safety and making it highly versatile in any situation.

The knob for rewinding the line is also made by solid machining and it is easy to use and large in size.

All the screws are made in AISI 316 stainless steel. The hairpin clips are also made in AISI 316 and they are positioned very close to the reel, thus ensuring maximum efficiency during the unwinding phase of the line.

VERTICAL is designed and entirely manufactured in Italy. Special care is given during the assembly and the testing phase of all its components. The assembly is carried out by hand and thread-locker is applied on all the screws.

VERTICAL reel is available in 3 versions which differ in capacity: VERTICAL 20 (20 m monofilament diameter 1.5mm), VERTICAL 35 (35 m monofilament diameter 1.5mm) and VERTICAL 50 (50 m monofilament diameter 1.5mm).

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