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The Pershing fins are identical to the T-34 Tank fins but they feature a classic length of 78 cm and are therefore more suitable for spearfishing in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, where conditions are more difficult than in the Mediterranean during the winter.


However, these fins can also be chosen for those who fish in the southern European seas and who are looking for a high-performance carbon fin that is more robust than a normal carbon fin. It is also possible to use them all year round on depths of over 20 meters. They are available in 25 soft and 30 medium.


  • Material: 100% Carbon fiber T300
  • Fins dimensions: 780 x 190 mm (including tip protection)
  • Sail hardness: 25 soft and 30 medium
  • Weight of the fin: 237 gr
  • Compatibility: model 300 or 400 footpocket


OPS (Overmoulding Protection System) :

OPS is a revolutionary manufacturing process that consists in overmoulding thermorubber on carbon fiber fins to create a protective cover. No one had ever succeeded in making such a process before.


After more than a year of research and tests in the water, C4 rose to the challenge and brilliantly passed the tests with more than 300 hours in the water. Overmoulding thermorubber, compared to traditional gluing, has allowed C4 to work with specific dimensions and geometries without compromising on lightness, elasticity and power.

C4 Pershing



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