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Small and compact torch completely made in Aluminum
High performance Led - 1000 Lumen / 20 000 Lux
Super concentrated focus - 10º centered spot
Magnetic switch ON/OFF with battery charging level indicator - GREEN light when battery charge is more than 50%, YELLOW light when battery charge is between 50% and 20% and turning RED light when battery charge is less than 20%
Picasso Exclusive new feature on the market - DUAL POWER: the power of this torch can be switched to only 50% when pushing the switch for more than 5 consecutive seconds when it is on FULL power and get back again to FULL power with another push of 5 seconds when in LOW power mode!
The power choice you choose will remain in memory until you change it again.
This feature is very important as inside the big majority of the caves you won´t need the full power of the torch, because it will threaten the preys inside! This also helps to increase battery life, as it doubles when in LOW power mode!
Rechargeable with Lithium batteries
Includes 220v charger!

Brightness: 1000 Lumen / 20 000 Lux
Material: aluminum hard anodized
Switch: ON/OFF type with charge indication and DUAL POWER feature
Power supply: 1pc 18650 rechargeable battery
Running Time: About 2 Hours in continuous FULL power mode
Max depth: 100 meters -300 feet
Weight: 160g ( without battery )
Size: 136mm x 37mm x 34.5mm

Picasso Rechargeable COMET LED Dual Power



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