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  • Material: inox 316L marine type 1.5mm / acetal
  •  Mounting: with screws / adapts to most of the market guns
  • Base shape: toothed cutting disc (mitos type)
  • Release system: automatic
  • Brake mode: adjustable
  • Perimeter axles: 4
  • Wrap lever: inox / foldable
  • Drum type: acetal axis / inox , neural discs snowflake shape
  • Colors: inox mat / black acetal
  • Sizes: 5


That is the emperor of the reels, the legendary, unique and unsurpassed MITOS reel, with highest innovation and construction materials & method. This is the  best  seller!
An all-time classic item of passionate spearos!


Reel vertical type having automatic release brake system and flow resistance regulator for the correct and safe unwinding of the line coils with excellent quality manufacture, operation and assembly of the drum. It is the prototype of design, study and point of reference for all the rest of reels in international market.  The materials, the unique innovative way of mounting and long-term well- thought out and elegant design, ensure the longevity of the hard and frequent use. Exhibits increased resistance to abrasion and pressure with almost zero damage to sharply rapidly unfolds, which makes it suitable for any kind of fishing, even for the most demanding user.


Exploits to the maximum extent size relationship - capacity as the drum is made of a perforated plastic shaft with custom and innervated, perforated metal hoops (snowflake shape), giving minimum weight, volume and size according to their capacity, while helping and drying the yarn to avoid rot. 

The reel base is made of marine-type stainless steel and shaped into special molds. The configuration of base in shape of toothed cutting disc offers ideal static and stiffness with minimum weight. The base assembly is rivitted to not protrude outside, causing unmanageable - dysfunction and trouble, with 3 axles spacers at strategic points around the drum and 1 through bending of the base that nullified the slightest chance of tangling and escape the thread off drum.

The winding lever is slide-able and prevents the creation of centrifugal forces and can be varied, depending on the radius of gyration which the user desires. Made of stainless steel for durability and innervated to hard use and protection to carry. Alongside is globally unique lever that acts as a resistance regulator of flow. It has a unique patented system by not inserted O-ring, bolts and threads, which with frequent friction and hard manual use, gain tolerances, become ineffective very quickly and eventually are nonfunctional. The folding lever is a reliable regulator for excellent performance and longevity that very easily by modulating the sets flow resistance during unwinding when the automatic brake has already released the drum.

The automatic brake is perforated so that the yarn passes along the shaft, thus interlocking the yarn and brake on the reel. All components are thoroughly and evenly sculptured without spikes or sharp edges.

Easy mounting with screws on the barrel or on the trigger guard. Ideal for mono-block wooden & synthetic spearguns.


The innovative design, assembly and operation of the reel are patent and legally safeguarded. Any change or modification with respect to the shape, size, dimensions, materials of construction and assembly including a variety of application fields and if it does not include new inventive steps and is not conducive to the technique already known will be considered an aim and aspirations of the present invention.



Meandros MITOS v14



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