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The international top anchor inox float(buoy)- aqua scooter 500 gr. Halle bearing cross shaft on which works with spring washer specially designed to look easily and quickly with a motion for articulated arms, both in closed position and in size. Conceived and designed ergonomically for easy  transport  and storage and abruption from seabed. For reasons safety and usability , the direction of rotation of the wheel, the only point that secures an area, is in a direction 45 degrees , while the permanent  exerted pressure applied on it by the spring prevents unwanted unlocking from vibrations . 


The product is covered by patent and safeguarded by law. 

Any change or modification with respect to the shape, size, dimensions, materials of construction and assembly including a variety of application fields and if it does not include new inventive steps and is not conducive to the technique already known will be considered an aim and aspirations of the present invention. 


A very useful and beautifull gadget accessories ideal for any use .

Meandros Float Anchor 500gr



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