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Our custom made speargun to suit spearfishers of all experience levels. With a combination of the best material & spearfishing parts on the market. These spearguns can be setup to your liking.


The carbon barrel has an integrated shaft guide, so no joint or glues which makes it much more durable. The barrel is 1.5mm in thickness near the muzzle and handle and thickens to 3mm. The barrel is also closed with resin so it will not flood. The barrel is also buoyant with 6.5mm, 6.75mm and 7mm shafts and the speargun muzzle can be adjusted for perfect buoyancy to your liking creating an accurate shot!

Utilising the best handle in the market, the Meandros Leader you will give a buttery smooth trigger pull on every single shot you take with extremely high loads. An extremely reversed trigger mechanism which will give you over 9cm of extra band stretch, increasing the spearguns range.

The extreme low profile mechanism will also reduce recoil.

Both Meandros Energy & C4carbon Orangebull bands are Primeline USA, so they're of the highest possible quality!


The speargun will be set to your liking, but our recommended setup for this speargun would be double 14mm rubbers with a 6.5mm shaft. A quick, powerful and accurate setup which will be great to specifically target smaller to medium sized fish.


Available in 75cm, 90cm, 100cm & 110cm!


More specs:

  • Meandros Leader handle & trigger mechanism. Right ergonomic handle grip or anatomical grip for left handed people or those who prefer these types of grips.
  • Meandros Standard reel (size depends on length of speargun).
  • Meandros 1.5mm or 1.8mm polyester with dyneema core line for reel.
  • Meandros 1.6mm monofilament line.
  • C4 Carbon pure carbon fiber tubular barrel. Integrated spear track.
  • C4 Carbon Orangebull or Meandros Energy rubbers with dyneema wishbones.
  • Devoto Sub or Meandros Sub High resistance treated stainless steel alloy shark fin spear (depending on availability).

Impetus Carbon Rail (Full/ Complete)



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