Top prizes to be won in our 2020 raffle, but we're keeping these top prizes a secret just for the suspense, but we can assure you this is our biggest giveaway and some expensive top prizes are to be won. 

How to enter

You can purchase raffle tickets from either our physical store, or purchase tickets through PayPal. Each purchase of €2.00 gives you 3 tickets each. 

If you need further assistance just throw us an email or contact us through our Facebook page.

PayPal buyers

For those of you whom have bought tickets via PayPal, let a note on the purchase with your full name, contact number and/or email so we can send your ticket numbers to you. Tickets will have your name on them, and a picture of proof.

International winners

Anyone can enter, from all over the world! Any international winner will ONLY need to pay for postage and packaging.

What are the prizes?

So what prizes can you expect to win? Vouchers? Pure carbon fins? Custom made wetsuit? Speargun? Possibly! You'll find out shortly!

We will be announcing 1 of the 3 prizes at the end of October, November and then for the grand prize, December! As each prize is announced, the next months prize will be even better!


Almost no rules at all! But let's place down some information for you;

  • Each purchase of €2.00 gives you 3 tickets. 

  • International winners will pay for postage and packaging ONLY.

  • Only 1 prize for each purchaser. Reason being is we want more than just 1 person to have a chance at winning. All tickets will have your name on it, if the same person is a winner twice, your first winning ticket counts ONLY.

  • The more tickets you have, the higher chance you have at winning.

  • Prizes are not refundable for cash. 

Winners announcment date

The winners of the raffle will be on live video on our Facebook page in and around January 2021.

Good luck!

Purchase raffle tickets on PayPal here:

Don't forget you can also purchase raffle tickets at our physical store.

If you would like to purchase tickets via Revolut, contact us for more information about that through our Facebook page.