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Strong 6mm diameter 316 stainless steel octopus hook with angled rock point tip for easy hooking, long-lasting sharpness and better hold.


Ergonomic sturdy plastic grip handle. A great tool for easier hooking and handling of your slippery catch.


Available in two convenient hook size 40cm and 80cm - total length 52cm and 92cm, with handle. Great additional hunting tool to add to your spearfishing gear.


  • Stainless steel hook
  • Ergonomic grip handle
  • Perfect for hooking octopus
  • Can also be used as a handy fish gaff
  • Angled rockpoint tip
  • Super strong 6mm diameter stainless steel
  • Hook lengths: 40cm or 80cm
  • Overall length: 52cm or 92cm

Picasso Fish Extractor



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