The smallest volume mask ever made by Picasso but with a fantastic field of vision equal to a standard and much bigger volume mask!


Super soft frame with independent structure for each side makes it fit extraordinary well in almost every kind of face!


Extremely comfortable silicone! The best ever model for very deep hunting! Tempered glass special GREY LENSES that block blue light and UV rays, providing a much bigger depth perception and sharper vision. These new grey lenses improve the contrast in low light condition (the deeper you go) and have also a mirror effect that prevents fish from seeing your prey eyes movement and detect your hunting intentions, so they will get much closer to you, making it easier to catch them!


Picasso Atomic Mirror Lens Mask Features

  • Mirror lens
  • Low Volume
  • Great vision
  • Flexible Bridge
  • Independent Lenses
  • Awesome fit
  • Super soft silicon

Picasso Atomic Mirror Lens