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Meister Evo Carbon Blades are manufactured in the classic style with the internal knit in X shape.


Meister Evo Carbon Blades blades take the process even further by using new materials and processing, maximizing the function, performance and lifespan.


With variable bending ability, depending on your preferences.


op quality 100% pure carbon fins made by Meister.


Made with aerospace grade carbon and resins, these blades are produced using a unique variable temperature layered moulding process, which results in exceptional mechanical properties.


Each blade features multiple layers of different weights and fiber directions, giving the blades a variable.fpex which is ideal for use in any depth and all types of freediving and spearfishing activities.


Equipped with the C4 300 or C4 400 footpockets, these fins are extremely lightweight and perform at the highest levels.

Meister EVO



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