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A Pair of X-Pro Carbon Fin Blades from Meandros - a name synonymous with quality and performance. Blades come with striking t-rails and logo, providing the advantage of high visibility to your dive buddy underwater.


These are revolutionary, very well made 100% carbon fin blades that offer explosive reaction to every move. These blades are made to fit Pathos or other glue-fit footpockets, to maximise their performance, but can also be fitted to any other foot pockets in the market. 

Combine with C4 400 or 300 footpockets to get the maximum performance out of these fins. Making them the lightest, most comfortable, and hydrodynamic combination of blades & footpockets.


The X-Pro weave of carbon (visible when you tilt the blade at an angle) ensures that all the power is released at the right point on the blade. This makes every stroke of the leg effortless and ensures power strokes that will satisfy even the most demanding diver.


Blade measures 75cm in length and 20cm in width, making it just the right size for deep spearfishing or coastline fishing for many hours at a time.


The blade has a matt finish and has the MEANDROS brand stamped into the reverse, ensuring that the X-Pro blade separates itself from all others.

The backside of the blade also carries a white strip near the end of the blade for improved visibility from the surface. All colored blades have a WHITE visibility strip.


Meandros X-Pro Blades carry a 3 year guarantee, with normal correct use and fitting by the original purchaser.

Meandros X-Pro V2

€280.00 Regular Price
€200.00Sale Price


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