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  • Ergonomic reverse mechanism with long levers design for unaffected sensitivity, even at extremely high loads (multi-band spearguns).
  • Designed for easy installation by using just the 2 side pins.
  • Robust thought construction, with a low working profile and particularly increased durability.
  • Excellent usability and functionality.
  • Side internal line release which is situated at the back of the mechanism and can be easiliy placed on the right or left side accordingly.
  • Works with European-style shafts 6-10mm.
  • Ability to fit mono and spear up to 8mm when using the end attaching hole.
  • Includes shafts for mounting.
  • Ideal application and proposal for wood and carbon do it yourself constructions.
  • The mechanism is patent righted.

Meandros Trigger Mechanism - L



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