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Vertical reel with synthetic drum with lower negative buoyancy than metals, as well as other advantages. It has automatic release brake as well as semi-adjustment of constant flow resistance for secure unwinding of the coils of thread with excellent construction and operation quality. It is a design, design and benchmark for all other reels in the world market. Its construction materials, its unique innovative way of assembly as well as its long-lasting, sophisticated design and sleek design ensure longevity in hard and frequent use. It exhibits exceptional abrasion resistance and pressure with almost zero damage to abrupt fast rolls, making it suitable for all types of fishing, and by the most demanding user.


It takes maximum advantage of the size-capacity ratio as the special drum (monobloc and not 2-3 parts) drum is made in a special mold where it is shaped with perforated shaft and perforated flake-shaped wreaths, giving excellent bending behavior and pressure. static, minimum weight, volume and size depending on capacity, while also helping to dry the yarn to prevent it from rotting.


The base of the reel is made of marine type stainless steel and molded in special molds. The design of the truss-shaped base offers the ideal static and rigidity with minimal weight. The mounting of the base is pressed so that they do not protrude out of the base causing malfunction and tangle, with 3-axis spacers at strategic points around the drum to eliminate even the possibility of twisting and escaping the yarn outside the drum.


The wrap lever is made of stainless steel, firm and ribbed for durability and protection against transport. At the same time the lever assembly screw and the special washer interlocking with the o-ring between the base and the lever give the user a satisfactory range of pressure regulation in the o-ring to maintain the necessary constant and slight flow resistance needed has the drum when the yarn is unwound. The reliable braking system guarantees the perfect operation and longevity of the reel because it has no movable but fixed parts. It is designed for periodic maintenance (o-ring replacement) so that it can be made economically, easily, outside the base, by any user.


The automatic brake is perforated to pass the thread after the shaft, thereby securing the thread and brake to the reel. All its parts are meticulously and evenly sculpted without spikes.

Easy mounting with screws on gun barrel or trigger guard. Ideal for both tubular and monoblock wooden or synthetic weapons.


In 5 sizes2, 2L, 3,4,5 & in 5 colors: black - red - blue - yellow - orange - white.

The design, assembly and operation innovations of the reel are patent and legally protected. Any change or modification regarding the shape, size, dimensions, materials of construction and assembly, variety of fields of application, provided that it is not a new inventive step and does not contribute to the technique of the prior art, are considered to be contained in the purposes and intentions of the present invention.

Meandros Standard Plus



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