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Muzzle open / closed type, minimal dimentions, for compatible aluminum or carbon tube with 26 mm & 29mm inner diameter.


On Μ 4 muzzle  fitted  1 parallel pair tied bands.


Made from stainless steel and hard plastic.


Elegant, minimalist, innovative design designed for fast twisting.


Reduced friction for mininum loss of energy.


A pivotal point is the pioneering, patented, first-strand thread-guide system for stabilizing the shaft on the muzzle without snags and noises when moving the gun and firing the shaft into the shot.


Design for the arrangement of 5 lengths of  line in the side line of the barrel, for the avoiding of messing and trembling. 


There is extra possibility of easy balance in the exterior case, (the lead mounding is not recommended).  Shark pins can be fitted.


Includes  inox arch, deflector, 2 o-rings with screw and plastic inserts.

Meandros M4 Open/ Close



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