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The lengthy search for the absolute handle is now a fact and a creation of MEANDROS. It is incomparable, does not follow established design and construction standards, but it leads, pioneers and leads the rest.


The Meandros Leader Handle will immediately make you feel that it is not just a handle, but a great tool and the extension of your hand that will capture the prey that your index finger will aim at.


It has been designed and studied to overcome the common problems and weaknesses to all parameters, offering the user a high quality experience in terms of anatomy, use, construction, long-term reliability and excellent operation of all the mechanical parts.


The handle consists of aesthetics and anatomic design that impress with a particularly low profile that offers a friendly, comfortable and convenient grip that instantly receives hand commands without the slightest nuisance in the palm of the user. The inclination and conic geometry of the grip allows for palm embracing sizes ranging from S - XXL that the user views as an extension of his arm.


The body of the handle in terms of material and static, despite it’s extremely low profile, which contributes greatly to agility, reduced recoil and index aiming with the palm index finger rather than the eye, and its compressed outer dimensions, corresponds with absolute success to large loads with almost zero distortion of both the sight and the shot. It is accompanied by an innovative, patent-pending inox inverted mechanism, of minimal weight, but also robust, powerful and reliable, with excellent ergonomics designed to work seamlessly.


It is accompanied by an innovative, patent-pending inox inverted mechanism, of minimal weight, but also robust, powerful and reliable, with excellent ergonomics designed to work seamlessly. 


The innovation of the trigger outside the cassette mechanism has huge advantages such as the minimum weight of the metal mechanism, minimal external dimensions, static strength and grip deformation. The indentation at the back of the trigger gives unparalleled elegance with minimal weight, is a feature point worth mentioning.


Maintenance, disassembly, repair and replacement will not concern the user. Changing the line release side has never been so easy, it is performed simply, quickly without extracting and disassembling the mechanism. The ambidextrous line release operates independently of the trigger and spear, preventing the heavy-stiff trigger effect, deformation of the spear and distortion of the shot.


The excellent line of sight, unaffected sensitivity with a small trigger pull path, for MEANDROS are self-evident concepts. The square V-shaped shape spear guide (and not the U-type) touches the spear at 3 points, giving precise position, slip and reduced friction. In addition, there is a visible and accessible hole that communicates with a micro-chamber inside the handle, draining the amount of water trapped during the dive due to inertia.


the barrel seal is made with a special cap fitted to the handle, which eliminates the possibility of inflow even at extremely deep depths. Also for the most demanding users there is the possibility of adapting a vibration damping system.


The line lengths are fastened with great ease, ambidextrously, close to the handle / barrel body by ergonomic horizontal deflectors, in a position well above the center of the handle, preventing bumps, jams and swings occurring with the protruding angled outlets from the side handle.


The trigger guard has been designed to provide a comfortable resting & relaxation point for the index finger and depressing the trigger at a correct distance from its point of rotation.


  • High-strength plastic polymer construction material.
  • Particularly low profile.
  • Fuse trigger safety in to the trigger guard.
  • An amphical anatomic grip made of anti-slip material.
  • Anatomic loading pad.
  • Inverted stainless steel cassette mechanism with remote trigger.
  • Full inox / heavy duty trigger mechanism of minimum weight.
  • Pin Roller System trigger mechanism. (upon request)
  • Ambidextrous line release.
  • Reduced friction rail.
  • Micro cave water balance.
  • Sealing cap with possibility of different weights.
  • Ambidextrous yarn deflectors.
  • Multiple use auxiliary hole.
  • Heavy duty connection hole to the float.

Meandros Leader Handle



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