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The Meandros Dyneema Reel Line is a 50m roll of 1.5mm diameter dyneema line, designed and manuactured specifically for use in spearfishing reels. The line is made from strong dyneema with a 150kg breaking strain, but with a pliable exterior that is kind on hands, yet highly abrasion resistant. 

The perfect diameter and optimal length to fit most speargun reels on the market. Zero stretch, high strength.


  • 50m spool.
  • 1.5mm diameter.
  • White color with blue fleck.
  • Excellent reel line.
  • Solid pure European dyneema core.
  • Pliable and abrasion resistant braided polyester exterior.
  • 150kg breaking strain.

Meandros 1.5mm Dyneema Polyester White/ Blue (50mtr)



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