• High density Jako neoprene open cell.
  • Design, research and development in California, U.S.A.
  • Unisex sizing.
  • Twin locking clips on beaver tail; Exclusive and unique design male / female locking system made of five hard plastic injection molded parts forming each clip, secured with 4 stainless steel screws.
  • Waterproof seals on all extremities.
  • Highest quality wetsuit assembly and binding glue from England.


Internal Features of the Jacket and Trousers:

  • Lining is completely “needle-puncture free”.  Construction is with the highest quality neoprene glue (made in the U.K.) – So the inside of the jacket is 100% water and air-proof with ZERO stitching!  The whole wetsuit can be inflated like a balloon and still will hold its shape and never leak in or out. It will fit you like a surgical glove and keep you dry, toasty warm and super comfortable for hours, in the coldest water. Guaranteed!


External Features of the Jacket:


  • Zipless Hooded jacket, donned in seconds, completely streamlined and drag free for an ultimate freedom of movement and comfort.
  • The built-in hood was designed for optimal breathing comfort, neck movement and complete face protection from the elements. It will overlap as well over the diving-mask’s silicone skirt, thus helping to prevent the mask from leaking.
  • The neck part of the hood ingeniously designed to prevent any pressure on the blood vessels, resulting in a much safer and longer breath-hold, while keeping the neck and head even warmer than the rest of the body!
  • Built-in thick cushioned and slip-free spear-gun chest loading pad for maximum ease and safety
  • The chest loading pad is an independent fabric, screened with a special ultra-durable and gripping Polyurethane Ink mix. It is then sewn on the chest area over a separate CR Neoprene Layer sandwiched between the pad and the wetsuit. Special waterproof glue is then applied over the double blind surface stitching manually with a hand brush, making sure that never will that sewing ever come off or even thread.
  • A Wider Beaver tail with twin Evo1 Molded Clips (5 plastic parts and 4 stainless steel screws securing them) for a fail-proof and comfortable locking system. It is the safest and most comfortable way to also stabilize the trousers underneath it, which eliminates any discomfort in the groin area.
  • Each cross seams on the jacket exterior is stamped with a GlueDot, for an added safety on these stress areas.


External Features of the Trousers:

  • Zipless  donned in seconds and completely streamlined and drag free, for an ultimate comfort and freedom of movement.



    Evo1 5mm Impermeaflex

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