URUKAY is a monocoque speargun entirely made in 100% T700 carbon fi ber and designed specifi cally for blue water hunting.


It is manufactured with a monocoque structure with the exclusive NJC (No Joint Construction) technique. The barrel is shaped in a cuttlefi sh bone shape with a reduced head and a higher volume towards the hand.


It has an integrated shaft guide over the whole barrel. It features the behindhand triggering mechanism C4 “Auto-R” and it is sold with two anatomical and adjustable handles and C4 MPL55 reel. The head can feature single or double latex bands which are kept in position by two “bands elevators”.


  • URUKAY 120 2-3 circular bands
  • URUKAY 105 2-3 circular bands
  • URUKAY 90 2-3 circular bands

C4 Urukay