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Price includes vest, belt strap & 4.640kg weights.


The compact weight vest is manufactured by applying 4 lead weight molded in back ergonomics into 4mm neoprene laminated with polyester jersey.


4.640gr to balance the buoyancy of neoprene material. Designed as.

The double-side squeeze buckle with adjustable ANM chest buckle ensures that the buckle can be fitted in the desired position and remains evenly balanced to both columns. 


To prevent the vest from slipping towards the neck, the mesh strap to be attached to the buckle behind the vest is fastened to the weight belt with velcro strap.


The 4 non-slip materials on the inside of the vest help to prevent the vest from slipping into the neck during diving.


They are produced in two sizes as SM and L-XL.

4.6kg Jak Boeno Quartz Brown Weight Vest



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