This year we are giving away a free Meandros M4 Closed B28 Naked Speargun entirely free! This is us showing our appreciation towards our clients who have supported us over the past 2 years helping us grow.


By purchasing any of our products you automatically get free tickets which will be entered into our database. Different products give different amount of tickets, take a look further down to see what products give 'x' amount of tickets. If you've visited our store and purchased on more than one occasion, do not worry. There is no limit amount of how many tickets you can hold, your tickets will continue to accumulate and have a better chance at winning the raffle giveaway. 

If you pre-order a product or any of our merchandise before the final date of the raffle, you still get tickets.


These indicate how many tickets you get for each product purchased.

  • Impetus 325ml Mug - 1 ticket 

  • Impetus clothing (excl. hoodie) - 1 ticket

  • Impetus Hoodie - 2 tickets

  • Jak Boeno 4.5kg weight vest - 1 ticket

  • Leaderfins blades - 1 ticket

  • Jak Boeno wetsuit - 3 tickets

  • Meandros speargun - 3 tickets

  • Evo1 made to measure smoothskin wetsuit - 3 tickets

  • Meandros X-Pro V2 Pure Carbon blades - 4 tickets

  • Any other purchases between €50 and €99 - 1 tickets

  • Any other purchases between €100 and €149 - 2 tickets

  • Any other purchases between €150 and over - 3 tickets


We are aiming that the raffle is done before the 1st of January.

A video will be uploaded showing all the names of the clients' tickets going into a bowl - mixed up and randomly chosen.


If anyone outside of Malta wins the raffle competition, postage & packaging is paid by the winner, not us. If that person declines, then the raffle will be re-taken.